Jawn of the Month

For the last Jawn of the Month for 2019, I have to go with Disconnect. Disconnect is an impressive ad and tracker blocker. Disconnect is installed through browser extension for all the popular flavors of web browsers. Disconnect also has a pretty cool paid mobile application which can provide some insight into what processes are running on your phone.

Our data is now extremely profitable to organizations. You can make it more difficult for any company to track you by using a few different tools to block their activity. Using tools like Disconnect, and the Brave Browser can go a long way to block some tracking services. Tools such as PI Holes and other firewall settings can block further tracking services by changing the DNS server or blocking known tracking addresses.

Unfortunately for us some trackers can still bypass blocking the trackers in the web browser and through DNS. To avoid these trackers deeper steps must be taken such as utilizing a VPN to mask the true origin of your connection. Smarter trackers can track a user’s activity based on the device’s external IP address. This is possible even with cell phones as the UID or Mac address can be used to link a single device to multiple IP addresses considering it wouldn’t be common for a mobile device to keep a static IP address.

Using tools like Disconnect may not make you completely invisible to advertisers but it certainly can reduce the information they’ve obtained about you.