Jawn of the Month

Sorry for the long delay. It’s been the busy season.

And I’ve been in full swing of migrating to compliance and the audit team.

For the December 2020 Jawn of the Month

Open Office

It’s such a go to for me now that I don’t even think twice about installing it.

It satisfies all of my Office needs and is completely open source.

Is Office suite better yes but this is open source.


Jawn of the Month

For February 2020 the Jawn of the month is…


NMAP is such a powerful tool that it is can be used for multiple functions including pen testing, network mapping, vulnerability scanning and more.


Jawn of the Month

I’ve been extremely busy at work and haven’t had time to do much writing.

So without further delay, the jawn of the month is…

The Brave Browser…

I downloaded it months ago for the free airdrop of coins. I recently faced an issue with my recent browser of choice Firefox and switched over to Brave. I was able to import everything and set up my password manager and haven’t skipped a beat. Additionally, it has more built-in security capabilities while using much fewer system resources. And you also can earn BAT a digital currency used for tipping content providers by simply viewing some occasional adds.

It’s a cool product and it serves a purpose but keeps security at the core of its principles.


First Jawn of the Month

For the first Jawn of the Month I had to pick Pfsense. I’ve used this open source router/firewall software for many years. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve learned in regards to network security and traffic flow with this operating system. For any entry level IT or Security individuals I would definitely suggest picking up a refurbished desktop on Amazon, load it up with two gigabit NIC cards and install Pfsense on it and learn how to use it. This tool will provide visibility into the incoming/outgoing connections in your network much better then anything you can buy off-the-shelf for home routers. On Pfsense you can create very strict firewall rules, create a VPN or even install an IPS into this system. This jawn is an extremely powerful operating system which can provide a strong layer of defense for a home or small business network. Pfsense has the ability to do many of the same things small business router/firewalls are capable of running. The UI for Pfsense isn’t as easy to use as a SonicWall or Fortigate but if you can use Pfsense those other types of router/firewalls will be much easier to master.

My Pfsense dashboard