Jawn of the Month

I took most of the summer off. I’ll have some cloud articles coming up on the docket for the next few months.

For August 2020 the Jawn of the Month is the PI-HOLE

The PI-HOLE is an operating system built to run upon a Raspberry Pi. This operating system is used as an internal DNS server for your internal network. This internal DNS server will block a majority of ads and some malware on the network layer adding another layer of defense to your home network.

I was late to the party on utilizing a PI-HOLE as my internal DNS server. I used OpenDNS previously and thought it was sufficient to block ads and add a layer of protection on my home network but I was wrong. Instantly implementing the PI-HOLE I could see normal ads that escaped my in-browser protections were now completely blank.

A PI-HOLE is absolutely worth implementing for your home network.


2020 is almost over…

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